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Thirty-Nothing by Lisa Jewell - Book Review


Lisa Jewell

Fiction-Net Rating 4 Star Rated Book

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Cover Story

Have you ever wondered what happened to your first love? Imagine bumping into her twelve years after you last saw her and realising you still fancy her rotten. This is what happens to Dig Ryan when he sees Delilah again. Now imagine you're Nadine. You've been Dig's best friend for the last fifteen years and you're in love with him. Delilah was your nemesis at school and it turns out she still is. When she resurfaces, you might find yourself feeling extremely jealous and start doing really childish things. Like phoning your first love, Phil. Just to get your own back.

This is a story about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and what happens when you start messing with the past. And how sometimes what you're looking for isn't in the past or in the future but right under your nose.

We Say

Not the most inspired back cover blurb we've seen but we'll let that pass. The front and back cover design of Thirty-Nothing is in the now established Lisa Jewell theme and style - and pretty snappy it is too.

Thirty-Nothing is not exactly an original idea - two should-be lovers who have been best friends for many years get together with other people whilst realising that they're destined to be together. This is hardly ground-breaking stuff. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Popular themes are popular for a reason.

It becomes very clear during the opening chapters that Lisa Jewell's second novel is in many ways a far superior piece of writing than her first, Ralph's Party. Firstly, you'll find the quality of writing vastly improved and secondly, Lisa Jewell has found humour. Thirty-Nothing features its fair share of laughter moments.

Thirty-Nothing is not perfect. The storyline throws few surprises at you - even when it tries to - and you'll likely be aware of the next plot-development at least a chapter before it actually happens but the quality of writing that takes you there will disarm you. It also helps that the two leading characters, Dig and Nadine, are utterly likable. Even the two ex's, Delilah and Phil, are somehow likable despite their flaws.

A polished piece of writing and one that gives Lisa Jewell fans more to like about her. Keep it coming.

Review by: Rob Cook

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