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Chang-Rae Lee

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A Gesture Life

Chang-Rae Lee

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5 Star Rated Book

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Chang-Rae Lee Book Reviews

A Gesture Life by Chang-Rae Lee - Book Review

A Gesture Life by Chang-Rae Lee

Fiction-Net Rating 5 Star Rated Book

Franklin Hata, Korean by birth but raised in Japan, is an outsider in American society but he embodies the values of the town he calls his own. He is polite and keeps himself to himself. The reasons for his solitude and self-control are laid bare as the mystery of Hata's wartime past is revealed.

In his novel, A Gesture Life, Chang-Rae Lee explores the life of a well respected member of an American community. Doc Hata, as he is known, is a man who has spent his life fulfilling all of life's little expectations. In a society filled with the need for immediate gratification and instant success, Doc Hata is a mystery to many who know him. It is a novel that is filled with moments of overwhelming heartbreak and simple triumphs.

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