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The Rotters' Club

John Grisham

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5 Star Rated Book

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The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe - Book Review

The Rotters' Club by John Grisham

Fiction-Net Rating 5 Star Rated Book

Trotter, Harding, Anderton and Chase - sounds like a legal conglomerate, according to their wearily sarcastic English master but in fact, they are a quartet of young friends at a Birmingham school and the narrative of The Rotters' Club is about to take them on an unforgettable ride through the surreal landscape of the 1970's.

As a depiction of the seventies, The Rotters' Club is vivid and evocative. If you actually lived through these times, it serves as an important reminder. If you didn't, it provides a much-needed lesson in recent history.

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