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Beyond Recall by Stephen Kyle - Book Review


Beyond Recall
Stephen Kyle
Warner Books

Fiction-Net Rating 4 Star Rated Book

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Cover Story

Artemis is Goddess of the Hunt, Protector of Children and a hideous disease that suddenly strikes three continents, causing fever, convulsions, unstoppable bleeding and one hundred percent fatality in hours. A jungle nightmare like Marburg or Ebola, except for two things: Artemis isn't natural, it's an ungodly bioweapon aimed at America. And it kills only women.

But Artemis was created by a woman, Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Rachel Lesage, for the one reason that the US Government can't understand. To save humanity.

Because another global catastrophe is looming, one the superpowers have ignored. Now, with implacable logic, Rachel Lesage is about to stop Armageddon - by unleashing the Apocalypse.

We Say

Wow, I was impressed by this novel. Stephen Kyle has written a very interesting thriller which challenges some basic beliefs. Beyond Recall takes our fear of biological warfare and uses it to provoke some interesting thoughts. I did have a little problem with some parts of the storyline being a little bit unbelievable and it was a little predictable at times but that did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. Beyond Recall challenges our knowledge of fundamental principals in biology by applying these concepts to the human race with cold scientific detachment. This novel is a powerful statement on terrorism, the population explosion, the ecological state of the planet and basic human nature.

Advances in medical science make the news daily and cancer is no longer a death sentence. Ironically, these advances in science are helping the population boom and the depletion of many natural resources. Everyday there are new cures discovered but mention the words 'AIDS', 'Ebola' or 'Junta' and you are preying on everyone's worst fears. Even diseases which may not be infectious are viewed with suspicion and hostility. The idea that AIDS is an answer to population control has been discussed and debated on many levels. This novel explores what could happen if someone created a virus to achieve their goal of population control. While we often think of terrorist demands as the culmination of evil, Stephen Kyle explores the notion that terrorism is employed by those who believe that they have the answer to saving humanity.

Beyond Recall asks us to re-examine what is really important to us. The idea that education can reduce the world's population is not a concept that we are unfamiliar with. In the modern world, education is mostly free but more often than not, students today are not interested in taking advantage of that education. Our society is so caught up with wanting things that we often overlook what we really value. Do we only want what we cannot have? Would it take the destruction of a third of the world's population for humanity to save itself?

Beyond Recall's scenario that a woman could create a virus that is 100% fatal and only attacks women is a very interesting concept, especially as most women are not considered capable of such cold-hearted acts. Beyond Recall does bring up some interesting topics for debate, especially in light of the current global situation. Perhaps this novel is Kyle's attempt at challenging the status quo.

Review by: Yumi Nagasaki-Taylor

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