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It Could Be You by Josie Lloyd - Book Review


It Could Be You
Josie Lloyd

Fiction-Net Rating 2 Star Rated Book

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Cover Story

It's not easy being a twenty-something girl in London, with bad hair days, commitment phobic men and 'healthy' evenings that end up as late-night sessions at the pub. But although she doesn't realise it, Charlie's got everything going for her. She's bright, funny, and on the fast track in her marketing job - and she has just gone blonde. What's more, Daniel the creative director, can't keep his hands off her.

But Daniel's a lot smoother than the path of true love and Charlie finds herself coping with a series of disasters, as backstabbing colleagues and best friend crises threaten to come between them. You'll adore this wildly funny first novel - because, after all, it could be you.

We Say

This was the first novel from Josie Lloyd, who later went on to partner-up with Emlyn Rees and knock out the superb Come Together and reasonable sequel Come Again. And it shows. Much of what you see here comes across as a practice run for those subsequent books. The character development and style of writing is nowhere near as good but the similarities are obvious. Unfortunately, this 'first novel' from Josie Lloyd really isn't publication-quality.

The most interesting characters of It Could Be You, Charlie's best friend Kate and flatmate Rich, are left in the background for far too long whilst the most uninteresting and perhaps unrealistic characters (and that includes Charlie herself) are thrown into the spotlight. Charlie's relationship with colleague Daniel is unfortunately just plain boring, despite efforts to spice things up with wild parties, clubs and drug-taking.

Only for real die-hard Josie Lloyd fanatics. Leave this one on the shelf and grab one her subsequent novels instead.

Review by: Rob Cook

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