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Fiction-Net recommends The Book Depository for all your reading desires.

The Book Depository

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Why Fiction-Net loves The Book Depository

Because they're awesome! We know our way around the best online booksellers and have no problem ordering from the mighty Amazon when forced to - on all other occasions, we head straight to The Book Depository. Why?

  • Free Worldwide Delivery! No matter where you live in the big, wide world - at The Book Depository, the price you see is the price you'll pay. No added charges for international deliveries or special 'prime' accounts required, like at um, some other booksellers.
  • Free Bookmarks! The first time we purchased a book from The Book Depository and it arrived with a cool, high quality bookmark, we assumed it was a special offer or a welcome gift. NOPE! Every time you buy from The Book Depository, your fine reading material will have a beautifully styled bookmark to accompany it. It seems stupid now after 20-odd years that Amazon didn't/hasn't thought to do this for their customers so The Book Depository can congratulate themselves for this brilliant idea. We've received various seasonal and themed bookmarks (we still need more!) and particularly adored their Van Gogh collection. Check-out yours when you buy!
  • 20+ Million Books! You might find yourself down the 'buy more books' rabbit-hole for hours at The Book Depository, with more than TWENTY MILLION books to choose from - all with free delivery! Pricing is excellent and there are loads of bargains to be found.
  • Non-English Books! The Book Depository does a particularly good job with supporting non-English readers, who might simply know various languages or are using these books to help learn a language. In any event, The Book Depository excels with competitive pricing with the world-famous (we reckon) FREE delivery helping to reach eager readers in more than 150 countries.

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